A tidal wave of splashtastic fun has crashed into the shores of Carowinds in 2016 as Boomerang Bay has undergone a historic transformation into the all new Carolina Harbor Waterpark. In addition to revamping previous popular waterpark attractions, Carolina Harbor brings many new attractions geared for families and thrill seekers. The new expansion doubles the amount of water slides at Carowinds.

NEW! Blackbeard's Revenge

This new six-story tall water slide complex features three attractions (six exhilarating slides). Pirate’s Plank sends guests plummeting down a nearly vertical free fall where the floor drops out from underneath. Captain’s Curse twists and turns riders through an enclosed chute with four intense 360-degree turns. And Cannonball Drop shoots guests down a series of intense drops and turns.

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NEW! Seaside Splashworks

Need a place for the family to soak up some fun? Big kids and little kids alike will love Seaside Splashworks, part of the new, expansive two-acre family area. This multi-level play structure features over 80 play elements, including dozens of interactive spray jets, water guns, adventuresome net bridges, awesome water wheels, six impressive water slides and a giant 423-gallon tipping bucket that drenches everyone below. It's the perfect mixture of adventure, relaxation and entertainment.

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NEW! Myrtle Turtle Beach

Fittingly inspired by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - this all new play area is specifically geared for toddlers and their families. The kiddos will love the playful water jets that spray every which way and the interactive water play area. The parents can enjoy the seclusion and shade.

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NEW! Kiddy Hawk Cove

This new family area is inspired by Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - the birthplace of flight. You'll find spray jets, splash areas and more! Together with Seaside Splashworks and Kiddy Hawk Cove, Carolina Harbor has a total of two acres specifically created for families.

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NEW! Surf Club Harbor

Surf’s up at Surf Club Harbor, a new, 27-000 square-foot wave pool that offers everyone the opportunity to catch a wave. With eight massive generators cranking out monstrous waves of up to six feet high, guests can feel like they’re splashing in the high surf of the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, children will love the interactive water geysers designed just for them at the base of the pool. Guests can also enjoy live entertainment on the outdoor stage while soaking up fun in the water.

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Pirate's Landing

This three-story water fortress for the little pirates is complete with kid-controlled water sprayers, slides, bridges, a rope ladder and a huge 100-gallon drenching bucket that dumps water every few minutes.

Hurricane Falls

A four-person, family raft slide that swirls riders down four stories through a 564 foot-long route of high-banked turns and unexpected dips.

Tidal Wave Bay

There are plenty of waves for everyone as families can cool off at Tidal Wave Bay, our 600,000-gallon wave pool. Also families can rent one of the more than two dozen cabanas located near by for the perfect day of relaxation.

Barracuda Blasters

Watch out for barracudas as riders twist and turn in total darkness on giant tubes, landing in a splash pond below.

Southern Sidewinder

A pair of open tube slides curl guests along dual, 370-foot chutes, complete with a thrilling series of high-banked turns.

Sand Dune Lagoon

This children's area includes pools for the little ones along with jet sprays and water gushing mushrooms. Parents can relax nearby and watch their children enjoy this seaside paradise.

Coastal Currents

Relax and flow along the current of this 1,000-foot long lazy river that takes guests leisurely down its path through North and South Carolina.

Dorsal Fin Drop

Dorsal Fin Drop offers 351 feet of slide and takes riders on the spin of a lifetime as they gain speed in a curved-tunnel that blasts them into a bowl. Like a shark circling its prey, guests spin and swirl before sliding into the corkscrew exit.

Surfer's Swell

Surfer’s Swell travels a total of 263 feet as riders plunge onto an angled wall that mimics the sensation of catching an ocean wave. Guests then gracefully enter a final tunnel for a fun ‘splash landing’ into a pool at the bottom of this 45 foot tall experience.

Storm Surge

Run for cover as Storm Surge comes ashore! This slide complex includes four enclosed water slides - two body slides and two inner-tube slides. The slides range from being 80-feet in height to 495-feet in length.

Pelican Plunge

A family adventure featuring a pair of open-tube slides that twist guests along duel 125-foot chutes in two-person tubes.