14 Apr     Wave Making

Posted at 12:00AM

We reached a milestone this week on our new Carowinds wave pool, Surf Club Harbor. The finish on the concrete is complete, and we’re now ready to start adding water. With just over a month until the grand opening of our new waterpark Carolina Harbor, this is fantastic news.

Adding water into a wave pool is much like adding water to a backyard swimming pool – you basically just stick a hose inside and wait. The only major difference is Surf Club Harbor will hold over 600,000 gallons of water, over 53-times more water than your average swimming pool.

New Carowinds Wave Pool

At 27,000 square-feet, the new Carowinds wave pool will be a focal point of Carolina Harbor. Guests will experience monstrous waves up to six feet high. But, how are we “making the waves?”

How Wave Pools Work

New Carowinds Wave Pool

There are eight chambers located behind the giant wall in the deep end of the wave pool. We will use two high-speed fans to blow pressurized air into these chambers to create the force necessary to generate waves. A plate slides up and down inside the chamber to push the air into the bottom of the pool – thus creating the ocean-like waves we all love.

The slope and shape of the wave pool also factor into the creation of our waves. Much like the ocean floor, it gradually becomes shallower the closer you get to the entrance. This allows for the floor and walls to develop, break and roll the waves to replicate the ocean.

Surf Club Harbor, the new Carowinds wave pool, is just one part of our gigantic waterpark expansion that includes a new Coastal Carolina theme, a complete renovation of Boomerang Bay attractions, a new six-story tall water slide complex, a two-acre children’s area expansion, a water fortress with over 80 play elements and a 421-gallon tipping bucket, a new restaurant, a new waterpark bar, new luxury cabanas, new party cabanas for larger groups and a new entrance from the parking lot.

Carolina Harbor will open to the public on May 21. If you haven’t purchased your 2016 Gold Season Pass to Carowinds yet, you can do so today for just 6 easy payments of $16.50. Buy Now.

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