18 Mar     Marching Towards Opening

Posted at 12:00AM

In just a few days we’ll be opening Carowinds – the park side anyway. With the grand opening of Carolina Harbor not too far behind (May 21), things are really starting to ramp up in our waterpark. The transformation has been nothing short of breathtaking.

When we debut the new Carowinds waterpark, guests will be treated to a world of new experiences. Not to mention, the entire area has received a refreshing makeover. It will essentially be brand-new, complete with top-shelf amenities and world-class attractions.

Progress Report - Carolina Harbor

The entire landscape of our waterpark has drastically changed over the past few months. Carolina Harbor is starting to take shape.

Surf Club Harbor – The concrete has been poured, and you can now see the outline of this massive new wave pool. The pump house is well underway and close to completion.

The restroom that will be located next to Surf Club Harbor is now 95% complete. We’ll start pouring concrete around the building this week.

Blackbeard’s Revenge – Slides are now 95% complete, and as you can tell from the pictures and construction videos, it is a massive structure. We’re now making some final adjustments to the slides, but almost all pieces are in place.

The pump house and equipment that will supply the attraction with water are also nearly complete. Once water and power is turned on, we will start testing. Stay tuned for videos from our lucky testers!

Seaside Splashworks – This new water fortress is truly beautiful. With over 80 play elements, a 423-gallon tipping bucket and an amazing Coastal Carolina theme, it will be the perfect place for families to enjoy fun in the sun!

As of right now, Seaside Splashworks is about 95% complete. Like Blackbeard’s Revenge, we are making final adjustments. We’re also in the process of adding the pump equipment and expect to have water very soon.

Slide Refurbishment and Painting – All existing slides have received new painting and gel coating. For more information on this element of the construction project, check out our recent blog post Cha Cha Changes.

Harbor House – The building’s structure is complete, and buoy does it look great (see what we did there?). We’ll now start working on the exterior elements and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.

Our executive chef Kris Sunita is also hard at work perfecting his coastal Carolina dishes that will be featured at this new restaurant.

New Season Pass Early Splash Time

We also have something special in store for our Season Passholders this year. Every year we grant early access to the waterpark for Passholders, giving them an opportunity to grab their favorite spot. This year we’re taking it a step further by giving 2016 Season Passholder Exclusive Splash Time on two new attractions – Blackbeard’s Revenge and Surf Club Harbor.


If you have a 2016 Season Pass, this means you can get early access and early slide/ride time on our new six-story slide tower Blackbeard’s Revenge. You’ll also be able to grab your favorite spot at our new 27,000-foot wave pool Surf Club Harbor (talk about prime real estate) and hit the waves before anyone else.

Carolina Harbor is scheduled to open May 21 – two weeks earlier than previous years! We can’t wait for you to see all of our hard work and experience the all-new Carolina Harbor waterpark!

This blog is made possible with from the contribution from Steve Jackson, director of maintenance; Bob Gesell, manager of construction and facilities; and Phillip Allan, manager of rides maintenance.

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