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The off-season is upon us, and we are hard at work on the largest waterpark expansion in Carowinds history. Once completed, Carolina Harbor will increase the size of our waterpark by 40-percent.

Carolina Harbor Construction

The addition of Carolina Harbor is the latest phase in a $50 million-plus multi-year expansion at Carowinds, which was kicked off last year with Fury 325 and our north gate renovations. Needless to say, our off-seasons have been busy with massive amounts of construction.

These types of large-scale projects don’t come easy. There are deadlines to meet, budgets to follow, permits to file and tons of other details that go into building these larger than life experiences and attractions. Helping us bring all of this into fruition is Southside Constructors, Inc.

Spotlight on Southside Constructors

Serving as our general contractors, Southside Constructors, Inc. oversees the majority of the construction, which includes pre-construction, scheduling, safety, quality control, project management, field supervision and subcontracting other local companies for specialized projects.

This Charlotte-based company has helped us with several projects, including Dinosaurs Alive, Harmony Hall and last year’s additions – including Fury 325.

“We are a business with deadlines that don’t change,” said Steve Jackson, director of maintenance and construction at Carowinds. “Southside has that mindset and understands our sense of urgency. They are honest, do good work and are a good partner for finding economical solutions.”

Fury 325’s Construction

Last year’s construction was no easy feat. Some of the work Southside Constructors, Inc. completed in building the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster includes:

  • Oversaw 42 subcontractors
  • Managed nearly 300 employees
  • Placed over 7,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • Installed 243 coaster footings, 27 caissons and 3 miles of electrical cabling,
  • Constructed seven vertical structures, two bridges, one tunnel, a 900-space parking lot and a massive storm water management system

All of this work was completed while meeting a hard deadline, enduring harsh weather and working about 240,000 man-hours. Next time you’re climbing the lift hill, take a look around and marvel at these accomplishments.

Carolina Harbor Construction

The construction of Carolina Harbor will take longer to complete and will require more man-hours than last year’s expansion. A six-story tall water slide complex, a new two-acre family area with three major new attractions and a 27,000 square-foot wave pool will surely come with its own set of impressive construction stats.

In addition to all of the wonderful new attractions, we’re also proud to report that the construction of Fury 325 and Carolina Harbor has created nearly 600 local jobs with Southside Constructors, Inc.

Be sure to check out Carolina Harbor when it debuts in the spring of 2016. To take a tour of some of the work already completed on Carolina Harbor, visit our construction photo gallery.

More About Southside Constructors, Inc.

Southside Constructors, Inc. specializes in providing turnkey solutions for construction management and general construction. In their 16 years of business, they’ve completed over 150 projects in hospitality, retail, industrial, institutional markets throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. For more information, please visit www.southsideco.com.

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